Who Is The Richest Man In Africa And Net Worth?

Picture of the richest man in Africa

In africa we have alot of billionaires with diffrent investments, Businesses in almost all places in africa, which the business are growing successfully with more of opportunities for job. But the major countries that are making africa proud and a driving force are Nigerian, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, of this four countries mention, the richest man in Africa also come from there. And this four country mention also have top rich men which will be listed.

African Richest Man And he’s NetWorth

Aliko Dangote is known as the number one richest man in Africa with diffrents business in africa.he has a cement manufacturing companies known as Dangote cement where he produces about 44 million metric tons annually. Dangote owns a manufacturing companies where suger, salt and flour are been make.

Dangote business is across many West African Countries, because of his greate fame in the production of he’s cement business mostly. and orther business that is also well known, making of suger, salt and many more…

The Dangote Group was extablished 1977, and it strarted as a small trading firm until he relocated to lagos state to Expand the company, But today Aliko Dangote is a multi-trillion-naira.
And has cover the food processing and cement manufacturing all over he’s country nigeria and the hole of the West Africa.

Dangote’s current net worth is been valued at the rate of US$10.3 Billion.


Aliko Dangote Biography

  • Aliko Dangote was born 10 April 1957
  • Aliko Dangote is A business magnete and also an investor
  • He’s the owner of Dangote Group, which has intreast Nigerians and orther Africa countries.
  • Aliko Dangote is an Hausa a Muslim
  • He’s A native of Kano, Kano State.
  • Dangote was educated at the Sheikh Ali Kumasi Madrasa, and also followed by Capital High School, Kano.
  • Aliko Dangote has a bachelor’s degree in business studies and administration from Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

List of Africa’s Billionaires And There NetWorth

  Name’s                               NetWorth’s            Country

  1. Aliko Dangote                       $ 10.3 Billion               Nigeria
  2. Mike Adenuga                      $ 9.2 Billion                 Nigeria
  3. Nicky Oppenheimer            $ 7.6 Billion                 South Africa
  4. Nassef Sawiris                      $ 6 Billion                    Egypt
  5. Jonann Rupert                     $ 5.2 Billion                 South Africa
  6.  Issad Rebrab                        $ 3.8 Billion                Algeria
  7. Mohamed Mansour             $ 2.3 Billion                Egypt
  8. Koos Bekker                          $ 2.2 Billion                South Afrca
  9. Aziz Akhsnnouch                  $ 2 Billion                   Morocco
  10. Patrice Motsepe                    $ 2.1 Billion                South Africa
  11. Othman Benjelloun              $ 1.7 Billion                Morocco
  12. Yassen Mansour                    $ 1.5 Billion               Egypt
  13. Mohammed Al Fayed           $ 1.5 Billion                Egypt
  14. Mohammed Dewji                 $ 1.5 Billion               Tanzania
  15. Youssef Mansour                   $ 1.2 Billion               Egypt
  16. Stephen Saad                          $ 1.2 Billion              South Africa
  17. Michiel Le Roux                     $ 1.2 Billion              South Africa
  18. Christoffel Wiese                   $ 1.1 Billion               South Africa
  19. Onsi Sawiris                           $ 1.1 Billion               Egypt


Those are the following list of the Billonaires africa curently has.

Note that the list of the richest man in Africa keep changing it’s not stable, it’s base on annual assessments of wealth. But presently Aliko Dangote remains the number one in africa. If you have any question to ask you can make use of the coment box, so we can discause about it, am here for you anytime

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