Risk And Reasons you shouldn’t bleach your skin.

Reasons you shouldn't bleach your skin

Bleaching skin may cost problems to one health, risk and reasons you shouldn’t bleach when used to change their complexion it may cost damages. When using these bleaching creams it increased the risk of skin cancer from sun exposure, because the ingredients present in these creams kills or weakens the skins naturally so you are doing more harm than good.

when bleaching your skin, the major risk and reasons why you shouldn’t bleach  is it  reduce the amount of melanin on your  skin. The amount of  bleaching depends on the amount of melanin that is removed from the skin.

Hyper-pigmentation Of The Skin

It is a skin condition that refers to darkening of the skin. Dark patches form on the face or other areas that are exposed to the sun. Acne and other skin diseases can cause hyper-pigmentation, leaving dark spots after the condition removes.

Why your body needs melanin

It’s a natural substance in the body which gives the iris of the eye, skin and hair its color. The more melanin you have, the more protection you have against the sunlight.

Early ageing and Cancer:

Most dark skin people consider themselves less attractive in this case, most people opt for whitening lotions, pills and other methods to get lighter. This act have several consequences.

There are diffrents types of Reasons you shouldn’t bleach your skin, which will be stated bellow

Premature aging:

Bleaching may cause wrinkles and pigmentation’s on the skin. Hydroquinone is a substance added to major bleaching products, this may disrupt the collagen fiber which constitutes the connective tissue of the skin. Which may eventually lead to premature ageing of the skin.

Hydroquinone does not work good to every skin, it can irritate sensitive skins which may cause redness and itching, hydroquinone works by reducing the amount of melanocytes which is present in your skin.

Dry skin:

The hydroquinone added in bleaching creams also can leads to these side effects,

  • Dryness.
  • Reddish skin.
  • Peeling.
  • And skin burn.

But it depends on where you might have applied the cream. If necessary, healthy skin is key to perfection. No matter the bullying you get always love and cherish your skin.

Images Of Skin Reaction

Side Effect Of Bleaching

Skin cancer:

When bleaching creams are applied to the skin, they don’t end on the skin. The chemicals in the creams are absorbed into the body, it is a reason why you shouldn’t bleach because it can lead to skin cancer, risk and reasons why you shouldn’t bleach have been pointed out in different ways

  • When ever you stop bleaching, you start getting Dark again.
  • When you got wounded on your skin, it hardly get healed.
  • Skin reacts to sun burn.

Citrus Extract:

Citrus extracts is rich in vitamin C which destroys free radicals in your body. Free radicals are cells that cause premature aging, citrus extracts give your skin a radiant glow.

Aloe Vera:

This plant is not only soothing on the skin, it is effective in reducing redness and skin discoloration as well. By rubbing the insides of the plant (the gel part) on your face, you will make your skin feel brighter, refreshed, and lighter.


It ensure to remove dirt and dead skins, make sure your skin stay hydrated.


It doesn’t only whiten your skin but also help to moisture it.

Mask using yogurt:

Add plain yogurt with a spoon of honey, apply morning and night on a daily basis.


Every woman, regardless of age want clear and radiant skin. For most women, the challenge to achieve radiant skin begins with dark spots or hyper-pigmentation caused by the accumulation of melanin.

The goal of skin bleaching is to lighten the complexion beyond the natural skin tone. Reasons you shouldn’t bleach is because it has so many dangerous risks. If you have any questions to ask or any contribution to make, make use of the comment box, we are here for you any time any moment.

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