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Before discussing PROSPÉ/ Prosper Biyeh Biography, is clearly know that Prosper Biyeh is a Cameroonian recording artist and very loyal guy who is loyal to all his fans, No pride. On research made about Prosper Biyeh/PROSPÉ, the way he’s working hard towards he’s song, just to make sure every of his song attract every once attention, not until he released a very inspirational song Titled-> Came To America.

About PROSPÉ/ Prosper Biyeh Music Carrier

After a while PROSPÉ Prosper Biyeh migrated to the United State Of America, that was after listening to the rapper Lil Wayne.

PROSPÉ  is very Creative when it comes to music, His passion for music led him to practice and went ahead to create his own music.

Anyway what realy made PROSPÉ/ Prosper Biyeh gain more interest into music creation was that, he was intrigued by the Rap genre of music which inspired him to gain an interest in the process of music creation.

This was a way he intended shearing and expressing himself to the world. Since then, PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) has released several songs.

List Of Songs

  • No Vex.
  • Waka Waka.
  • MTN Number
  • Came To America.
  • I Feel like Samuel Eto’o  Fils…

Which another hot jam is about to be release soon, you don’t need to be told that this new track coming up soon, it’s gonna be a Hot jam, just like it’s always his.
This new track it’s been featured with Cameroon’s Rap Queen Askia.

PROSPÉ aka #YoFavCameroonian featuring Cameroon’s Rap Queen Askia.
Song Title: BOOSTER
Produced By: MJEYREATZ

Don’t fail to listen to this track Booster.

Some Orther Things You Need To Know About PROSPÉ

@iamprospe is the Instagram name which you can follow him to know more update about how He’s music is going on.

Why PROSPÉ is also He’s name which you can use to search him and reach him on Facebook, to know any latest update about his Jam’s.

PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) then stated Visiting Cameroon after five years of him living in the U.S. reminded PROSPÈ of how beautiful Cameroon is, which made him decided to dedicate his music to his fellow brothers and sister back home in Cameroon”.

PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) main goal is to broadcast the beauty of Cameroon’s culture and tradition to the rest of the world.

U.S based Cameroonian artiste, who Base in Dellas Texas called Prospè drops brand new hip-hop music dubbed (MTN Number)

PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) is one of the most sought after burgeoning star in his home country, Cameroon. To further enrich his craft and gain more recognition, Prospè decided to target the larger part of the world with his new corporate music, (MTN Number)

MTN is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, that is operating in many African, European and Asian countries, with millions of subscribers across its operations.

PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) latest hit music, (MTN Number) is a song that will attract attentions at first listen, not only because it’s titled after a giant telecommunications company, but also, it’s addictive beat, dynamic flows and rhythmic patterns used to make the song more lively and entertaining.

All PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) are very interesting and is a song you will like to complete listening when ever you hear it playing, being anywhere at all, in the Street, Club, Taxi, his song will relly draw your attention closer.

Rapping with his African/Cameroonian tongue, Prospè delivers stunning visuals to make his lyrics more comprehendible for listeners and viewers. This new music packaged by T.C.O music, will surely expand Prospè’s large fan base in Cameroon and other parts of world.

Prospè, on ‘MTN Number’, undoubtedly proves himself as a marketable artiste and a force to reckon with in African hip-hop music. Listen, watch, enjoy and follow @iamprospe on social media to keep up with his activities.

Came To America is another Hot Jam trending all over in the world, PROSPÉ @iamprospe (Pros-pay) music Come To America is an inspirational, Came To America song it’s ever green.

PROSPÉ feature a Nigeria guy called  PARDON C. on song tittled, Came To America, Know More About PROSPÉ

About PROSPÉ  Biography

These are PROSPÉ/ Prosper Biyeh Biography and will be listed.

  • Biological Name: known as Prosper Biyeh.
  • Stage Name: PROSPÉ (PROS-PAY).
  • Date Of Birth: June 3rd 1996.
  • PROSPÉ was Born and raised in wowo a small village located in North West Religion of Cameroo.
  • Attended He’s primary education in a government primary school at wowo village (NDU).
  • And went to JMBC NDU for two years, when he was 12 years old.
  • Base in Dallas Texas.
  • Cameroonian Hip Hop Artiste, Entrepreneur, IT, Professional and Record Label Executive.

Keep lisening to all PROSPÉ music’s, and also don’t forget PROSPÉ has a new song to be release soon title Booster.

But if you still have any more ideal about PROSPÉ (pros-pay) Prosper Biyeh Biography, you can still express it out so we know also.

Prosper Biyeh celebrated he’s birthday on june 3rd 1996, so Amazing.


With the way PROSPÉ Prosper Biyeh Biography it’s been listed, i belive you have known something about him, and also how he is working hard towards all his song it’s really amazing, If you have any question to ask about PROSPÉ  make use of the comment box, we are here to answer you at any time. And will Always Keep You Updated About Prosper Biyeh.

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