Name’s Of The World Worst Serial Killers

Pictures of world serial killers

A serial Killer  have stalked the human society for years, and as many are sentenced, many new ones are born to be the worst serial killers.

Who is a Serial Killer?

A serial killer is a person who would murder three or more people, in two or more different events over a period of time, for primarily psychological reasons.

Former German nurse Niels Hoegel, was handed a life sentence on Thursday for murdering 85 patients in his care, which is believed to be the most prolific serial killer in the history. His trial is due for Thursday, here are some of the listed worst serial killers.

Russian’s Most Prolific

Siberian ex-policeman Popkov Mikhail was found guilty in December 2018, at 54 years old for 56 murders. He was already in jail for 22 killings.

Between 1992 and 2007, he raped and killed women with hammer or axe after offering them late -night rides sometimes using his police car. He also killed a male policeman.

Chinese Drifter

Yang Xinhai was executed in China in 2004, at the of aged 35, after murdering 67 people in a three-year rampage that ended in 2003.

He was said to be an introverted drifter, he entered rural homes and would sometimes slaughtered entire families with an axe, hammer or spade.

Police listed robbery and rape as motives but Yang was also described as a deranged killer who enjoyed his doings.

America’s worst

Samuel Little, a 78-year-old drifter, who confessed in November 2018 to 90 murders between 1970 and 2005, and the law enforcement authorities have corroborated more than 40 of them so far.

If all of the 90 confessions are confirmed, Little would be known as the most prolific known US serial killer.

The former boxer who was arrested in 2012, targeted mainly drug addicts and prostitutes, many of whom were never identified. The FBI in February 2019 released 16 portraits drawn by him in an attempt to identify some of his victims.

Chessboard Killer

Alexander Pichushkin was sentenced to life in prison in Moscow in 2007 for 48 murders, most happened between 2002 and 2006.

During his trial he was 33 years, Pichushkin said he wanted to kill one person for each of the 64 squares on a chessboard, and crossed out a square for every kill, hence his nickname.

His victims were mostly elderly alcoholic men he meet in the park.

US ‘Green River killer’

Gary Ridgway is a US truck painter, confessed in 2003 to strangling 48 mainly prostitutes and runaways from 1982 to 1984, but he is still suspected for more.

Nicknamed the “Green River Killer” after the Seattle waterway where his first victims were found, he was 54 years when he was convicted and jailed.

Colombian ‘monster’

Luis Alfredo Garavito was jailed for 835 years in 2000, at the of age 42, for murdering 189 boys over a five-year span until 1996.

Known as “The Monster of Genova” after his birthplace in Colombia, Garavito gained access to his victims whom ages where between 8 and 16 by posing as a charity worker, monk, salesman or disabled person.

Monster of the Andes

Pedro Lopez a colombian , a child murderer and rapist who targeted young girls at the age of 8-12. He was arrested in 1980 at the market in Ecuador after trying to abduct a little girl, he confessed to have killed many children.

He was sentenced to 16 years in prison in Ecuador was released despite believing he is among the worst serial killer, his where about is unknown.

Pictures Of The World Worst Serial Killers

Pictures of world serial killers

The Bottom Line

The list are few we can mention because their are many more known and unknown, these killers are the ones who have terrified the communities, most of this worst serial killers appears to be good looking and innocent in nature just to be able to deceive their prey

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