How To Message Someone Who Block You On WhatsApp

It’s very easy than any other thing, there are some steps need to use before you can Message Someone Who Block you On WhatsApp Remember Whats-app don’t notify you if someone blocks you, but it’s easy to tell when you are blocked. let’s talk about it now.

When you check your WhatsApp if this person that blocks you regularly chat with you then you go into your chart to see when last the person comes online and also check the profile picture to know if it remains the same as usual.

But if you check and wait for some seconds for the last appear online should show up and it didn’t show, that means you are blocked or the person has gone to his or her settings to make it private.

And secondly, if the profile picture there by the status disappears and look empty, it means you have been blocked by the contact.

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Ways To Message Someone Who Blocks You On WhatsApp

There is this particular Step you can use to send message to the contact that block you, witch i will tell you but there are many other ways also to send message to the contact that block you on WhatsApp too.

You will call one of your friend that is using WhatsApp tell him to create a group chart for you send him the contact that blocked you, ask your friend to add the number and yours in the group then when you are added it will now be between you and your friend contact and the contact that blocked you, so your friend is now a third party.


But if you have another WhatsApp contact on your other phone its more easier than contacting a friend to create a group for you, you rather do it your self, as long as that contact that blocked you don’t have that second WhatsApp phone, at least if you use the second phone is better so that the third party being your friend will not see the conversation going on in the group chart.

So with the group chart you can be able to chart up the victim that blocked you then you ask he/she what is the block all about then maybe he/she will tell you reason why the block. But we are still going to talk about this other Step, which is very easy also.

There is this other way also, that is if really you want to message the victim that block you, you can use another number to start with that same WhatsApp.

  1. You  enter your WhatsApp,
  2. Then click “SETTINGS’.
  3. After that you click “ACCOUNT”. then the next step
  4. You will see “CHANGE NUMBER”, then you click it.
  5. After clicking it message will display that changing your number will migrate your account infomation , group and settings.
  6. Then click “NEXT”.
  7. after clicking  it, You will be ask to put in the old number and the new number you are changing to.
  8. After that you can chart the victim that blocked you  ealier.

Important Things You Should Know

This step is very good and simple only if you read and understand it. Though, it will make you loss your old chats,  group chats, excluding your contacts.

Please note that it doesn’t have anything to do with your phone contacts.

I advice you backup your WhatsApp chats and contacts proceeding to the steps below.

This will allow you get back all your contacts, chats and other group chats – if your backup is up to date.


Alternative Step To Message The Victim Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

Lets proceed…  when you go to you WhatsApp;

  1. Enter settings  and click “Account”
  2. At the button you should see “DELETE MY ACCOUNT” which you should click on.
  3. After clicking it opens another step, “DELETE MY ACCOUNT” then click it, you will automatically be deactivated from whatsApp.
  4. When you have deactivated the account, then you go back to the WhatsApp again to register the same number on WhatsApp, you will automatically a new member on WhatsApp again, which means your contact is afresh again on the chatting platform.
  5. Then you can now message someone who blocked you eailier.

This is the same way you unblock someone that blocked you onWhatsApp.

If you have any chalengies or finding it difficult to undertand as discribed, you can make use of the comment box  drop you comment so you can be assisted,  am here to assist you.

But if there is any other means that you have uesd or you know to override messaging someone that blocked you, you can still share it.

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