How To Know The Best Sleeping positions for babies?

Baby sleeping position

Every mother gets so excited on the arrival of there baby, it is never easy for a new mother to decide a best sleeping positions for Hes/Her baby, it is very necessary to know about the safe sleeping positions and tips to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or (SIDS) risk, which claims nearly 1,500 lives every year. Around 70% of sudden and unexpected infant deaths are caused by SIDS and the most effective way to avoid the risk is to make a healthy baby.

Sleeping Positions that Lead’s Sudden Unexpected Death In Infants(SIDS).

  • Covering the baby’s head or face with bedding, which may lead to suffocation and overheating.
  • Making a baby sleep on the side or stomach.


Sleeping position

Good And Bad Positions For A Baby To Sleep

It is good to learn about the best sleeping positions to avoid risks.

Sleep on back

Healthy babies born full-time should be placed on their backs for naps, short periods of rest, and sleep at night.
Sleeping on the back position was found to help reduce the SIDS risk in babies as it keeps airways open, the US National institute of child Health stated this as the best sleeping position for babies.


Back sleeping

Risks Involving ‘sleeping on Back’ Position

  • If an infant is always placed on the back for a very long time,this could lead to ‘positional plagiocephaly’, flattened or misshapen head.
  • As a mother re position techniques can be use to avoid such conditions.
  • Get to cuddle your baby more to reduce the times spent in carriers and car seats.

Sleep on Stomach

So many reasons discourages parents from allowing there baby sleep on the stomach.

  • Baby could inhale substances on the mattress
  • Sleeping on the stomach Example… In the prone position, he/she may be lying with the face very close to the sheets and keeps breathing the same air.
  • Cases when babies can sleep on stomach, babies with gastroesophageal reflux sleeping on there stomach could be good for them because it could endanger them to vomiting while sleeping on their back.

Sleeping On The Side

Sleeping on the side can be a nice but parents should always watch there baby so they don’t turn on to there stomach to avoid the risk of SIDS

Baby side sleeping

5 Tips For Safe Baby Sleep

Keep The Crib Simple:

Do not use wedges comforters under an infant in the crib. Allow the infant sleep with his leg touching the bottom of the crib. Use clean mattress that fits the cot. The crib should be high enough to avoid the baby climb out or crawl.

Avoid Covering Baby’s Head:

Blankets should be covered up to the chest level of the baby with arms exposed, to avoid the baby moving the blanket to their head to avoid suffocation. You can get ‘sleep sack’ or ‘baby sleep bag’ to keep the hands warm without covering the head. Sleeping bags with a fitted neck.

Avoid Overheating:

Infants should be light-clothed for sleep. Avoid over-covering and check if the baby is not hot when touched.

Good Sleep Environment:

It is important to maintain a cool sleeping environment with a temperature around 20 degrees for the baby.

Share Same Room:

Parents should share the same room with the baby for convenient breastfeeding and connection. The crib in which the baby sleeps should not be far from there parents.


Research has been made for pre-term babies, the stand higher risk for SIDS, and they are to be layed on there back. If your baby should throw up while asleep do turn there head to the side. with all this listed new born babies can have there best sleeping positions and also wouldn’t suffer from SIDS. If you have any question to ask, you can make use of the comment Box. We are here for you at all time.

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