How to Apply for Permanent Residence in South Africa

Where to apply for permanent resident

If you want to apply for permanent resident, you don’t necessarily need a previous visa to apply with. We will discause on the requirement needed to apply including work and business visa.

In order to make an application for a permanent residency permit, applicants must first submit representation to the Minister of Home Affairs motivating why he or she should be declared not to be a prohibited person or an undesirable person.

Permanent resident means the immigrant is only allowed to reside indefinitely within South Africa although he or she is not a complete citizen yet.

This category of permit is applicable to foreigners who have been residing in South Africa on the basis of their work permits for a minimum period of five years, their spouses and also to dependents of South African citizens/permanent residence permit holders.


Make Sure You Are Not One Of This Victim Listed

You are a member of an organisation using crime or terrorism to reach its goals.

If you have warrant of arrest against you or a conviction for kidnapping, genocide, drug trafficing,torture, money laundering, terrorism, or murder secured in South Africa or any country with which South Africa has regular diplomatic relations.

If you have previously been deported and have not been rehabilitated by the Department in the prescribed manner.

If you are infected with infectious diseases that can spread easily, these diseases include cholera; pestilence, yellow fever and any other diseases as determined by the Department of Health from time to time.

If you are a member or supporter of an organisation practising racial hatred or social violence.

This category of permits applies to foreigners :

are in possession of a permanent work offer in South Africa, or
have exceptional skills and qualifications
intend to establish a business in South Africa
qualify as Refugees
qualify as retired persons
are financially independent
are relatives (biologically or judicially adopted) of a South African citizen/permanent residence permit holder

Documents Need To Be Provided For Submittion

  • Complete set of fingerprints
  • Marriage certificate / Proof of spousal relationship, if applicable
  • Divorce decree / proof of legal separation, if applicable
  • Proof of custody of a minor, if applicable
  • Death certificate for a late spouse, if applicable
  • Consent of parents in the case of minors
  • Proof of judicial adoption of a minor, if applicable
  • Police clearance certificates for all countries in which you resided for a period of one year or longer since your 18th birthday
  • Valid temporary residency permit (if already in South Africa).

There Are Seven Types Of Permanent Residence Permits In South Africa:

  1. Relatives Permanent Residence Permit South Afric
  2. Five Years Continuous Work Permanent Residence Permit South Africa
  3. Spousal/Life Partner Permanent Residence Permit South Africa
  4. Business Permanent Residence Permit South Africa
  5. Critical Skills Permanent Residence Permit South Africa
  6. Financially Independent Permanent Residence Permit South Africa
  7. Retirement Permanent Residence Permit South Africa.

Get permanent resident in South Africa


Permanent residency is a person’s resident status in a country of which they are not citizens.

South Africa made it clear to everyone that once one, have any of this Seven permanent residence permits, you can purchase:

  • House
  • Cars
  • Open an Account and many more…


With the guide line given you can now apply for Parmanent resident witrh out any delay, issues or stories coming up in it. South Africa is another good african country that you can also invest on when you have your papers completed as a legal imigrant.

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