How Can Someone Send Parcel Using DHL / What DHL Stand For?

DHL Express

How to send parcel using DHL have always been the question on the mind of everybody, DHL have easy and access able ways to send parcels to various places in the world.

Please try to understand that not all services are available in every country. DHL also provide standard domestic and international parcel pick-up.

Customs using International Shipping

Lets take for example you are shipping to another destination outside EU using DHL, you have to prepare customs document and your package may be liable for import duty and tax, the customs will assess what level of duty and tax, if there is any
to be applied to your shipment when your goods arrive in the destination country.

Once the level of duty or tax is decided by custom, DHL will then contact the recipient to arrange payment to delivery.

DHL charges are base on the weigh of the parcel (goods) to be delivered.


How The Name DHL Started

The DHL group is currently with Deutsche Post group with it’s head office there in Germany, DHL is popularly known as an international courier, shipping and packaging service.

The name DHL is derived from the names of its founders. DHL was established in 1969. And the founders are Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn.

These name DHL came out from the first initial of each founder’s combined surname.


DHL Express

Express is another fast way of sending your parcel if only you request for that, it’s a little bit more expensive to when you sending your goods/parcel in a normal way.

But the express is also good when you are runing out of time, meeting up with your parcel to wherever you sending it to.

DHL will deliver to your doorstep.


DHL Methods Of Transportation

DHL have different’s methods of transportation,one of this could be how to send a parcel using DHL.

  1. Air Freight.
  2. Ocean Freight.
  3. Railway Freight.
  4. Road Freight.



Guidelines for the needs of waybill

  • It enables DHL to know the direction of where your shipment is going.
  • It shows you the terms and conditions of which the service is provided.
  • It shows the customs what’s in your shipment,so that your parcel wouldn’t be delayed.

You can still Visit your local DHL website for more information and to order supplies.


Tracking Code

when a parcel have been sent, a tracking code would be issued out which gives you proof of consignment, with a unique code you can use on the web site to track your shipment/parcel.


That that word DHL is just an abbreviation, and a well known courier company with good services . Also know this that when ever you want to send parcel using DHL, you also request for Express which will make your goods or parcel get to it’s destination faster.

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