How Can I Order McDonald’s Meal Online?

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You can now order your favorite McDonald’s meal online and will be deliverd to you directly to your door by using the UberEATS app, McDonald’s menu item will help you know meal to order.

UberEATS was launched back in 2014, but few fast food restaurants have jumped on board.

International Availability Of McDonald’s UberEAT’s

Many Eropian countries are using UberEAT’s, and have there delivery time according to there locations, some branches deliver brakefast, why some branches deliver lunch, and some dinner. Each country have there delivery prices.

First McDonald’s delivery service on the European continent started in 2013 with a trial in Wien-Hietzing. Deliveries are now available all across the capital city from 11am to 11pm at a cost of €4 and a minimum order requirement of €8.

And now McDonald’s UberEAT’s have Expanded there delivery service all over the the city’s where they have there branchs.

But main why McDonald’s have there own dilivery service, which is cleverly named McDelivery, which they have expanded to other branchs in the cities.

After McDonald”s pertinership with UberEAT’s, McDonald’s is able to bring delivery to markets like Florida and ohio that typically don’t have alot of food delivery options beyound customer’s standard pizza food order.

McDonald’s Drive Thru

If maybe you come to McDonald’s with a car, you don’t want to come down your car and go inside then you can just go to the drive-thru to make order of what ever you want there by the drive-thru.

But before you make an order, there are steps you must take which is…

  • You will see the menu items then make your order you will be ask to come by the next window
  • Then when you get to the next window you make your payment after that,
  • Then you will be asked to go to the next window to pick up your order.

McDonald’s Playing Ground

The McDonald’s playing ground are made for kid’s, is a place where kids can play and have there fun. Also the playing ground can also be use for a birthday party…


How To Download The UberEAT’s App

  • Download UberEAT’s App
  • And Search for McDonald’s
  • Make your Order without a minimun basket size

McDelivery Vs UberEAT’s

McDelivery is the use of deliverying food for McDonald’s, which if you can’t go to McDonald restaurant to buy or eat there, McDelivery is the fast way of geting your McDonald’s meal online order delivered to your doorstep.

UberEAT’s is a App use to make an order from any restaurant, so McDonald’s is a pertinar with UberEATS’s, when ever you want to order food you can still order from UberEAT’s and search for McDonald’s and chose your favorite meal.

UberEAT’s is just a App, for instant when you want to order a ride maybe example like Texify, then you go to the texify App and make your order.

UberEAT’s McDonald’s have start delivering it’s iconic menu items to there custumers right in front doors. UberEAT’s it’s a partnership with McDonald’s

McDonald’s launched delivery in the US as a test at 200 restaurants there in Florida in early 2017. just to cover up 200 locations to 5,000 in under two years is an impressive feat in its own right. And it represents a new strategy for McDonald’s — one that prioritizes “progress over perfection.


With McDonald’s fast food you can order McDonald’s meal online how many times you want in a day anytime any moment you want, it’s a 24hurs service. And also with UberEast we now live in a world where you open your door and be warmly greeted by a Double Qrt Bounder and fries. What a Surprising gift.

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