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Business ideals you can start up with low price

The first question that goes on in every beginners mind is, are there really business ideas  you can start with low startup? The answer is yes.
All you need is the determination and goal to do it.

Starting up a business is one particular choice, but the different types of business that you can start with less amount might surprise you.

The real details of starting a business from home like all great business ideas, it begins with what you desire most. Even if you are going to sell something let it be something worth your effort.

Great Business Ideas You Can Start With Less Amount.

This part shows you the small business you can start with less amount and still make a lot profit.

Oven Baking

If you have an oven you can bake muffins, cupcakes and doughnut, in most places you don’t need a license, you can also get ideals on YouTube about different method/ways to bake.

oven bake

Homemade Slippers

Do you know you can follow directions of how to do slippers online, all you need to do is go on YouTube and learn about the tutorials to gain knowledge, it’s involves few materials and tools.

Home made slippers


Dog Training

This business idea involves people’s pet, dog’s still remains man best friend, if you are ever thinking of starting up a business idea like this you can find what you are looking for in any platform.

First thing to do is create a very funny video of dogs on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, this will help you get audience.

Dog Pix

Wig making

The trending thing for women now is wig, not everyone woman have to time to roll in and out of saloon, all you need to do is go to your YouTube and learn how to make wigs.

Everybody loves Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can use any of this media to make your work an easier one.

How to make a wig

Diet Planning

There are lots of people who wants to stay in shape, but they don’t have the clue about what good meal to eat, as a diet planner you would:

  • Create a list for food
  • Create a method of recipes on what to have on daily basis
  • Explain the nutritional value of each meal
  • Encourage them on how to be determined on the diet plan


Diet Planing


Event Planning

Event planning can be done in different ways, but offering your services in your local area will be a benefit to you. You can start this business from the comforts of your home and meet with clients in restaurants, coffee shop, at their office or home.

  • You can also place your ads online and yellow pages to gain customers
  • Create a website to get your name out


Event Planing

Tour Guiding

so many tourist like going around to new places with a tour guide. It helps enlighten there knowledge. If you know your city very well you can charge people for tour. You can offer taxi services from there hotel to anywhere of there choice, you can also decide a good place for them to have fun, places like the mall, beach, parks and restaurants.


Tour Guide


It may seem difficult to make a decision on the business ideas you can start with low startup, but these business ideas stated above would help a lot, and  by doing this you are building a new foundation in your life on something that feeds your passion and heart desires, It has been made easy for everyone to brush up there skills and learn more by giving you the opportunity to a start a business easily and cheap.

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