Exciting Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a city and also emirate in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) known for lively nightlife,luxury shopping and many more, there are so many exciting and lovely things to do in dubai without feeling bored, from being a small bedouin village to been the largest oil supplier to finally becoming the global entertainment hub of the world.

Dubai has a lot to offer you that just luxurious malls and buildings. There are so much exciting things to do whenever you are in dubai than just skyscrapers, whenever you are ready to visit those exciting places you can book a tour guide. you can also use GetYourGuide to visit exciting places in Dubai.

Many Exciting Things To Do When In Dubai

Desert Safari:

There are different desert, but this one is the best to go in Dubai, they have a 4×4 wheel and BBQ and a belly dance show.

Burj Al-Arab:

Getting into Burj Al- Arab is not an easy one only if you have to stay overnight, because you need to book a reservation at their restaurant, it would be better to chill at there with a glass of wine.

Burj Khalifa:

It is mighty and the tallest standing made by man structure, its stands tall at the world at a height of 829.8 meters from the top of Burj Khalifa you can enjoy amazing views, you can also book a VIP ticket if you don’t want to wait for long in the queue.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride:

This is one exciting and lovely things to do in dubai, you can see the desert from above when flying over Dubai hot-air balloon.

Visit Dubai mall:

You can shop at this mall, it has at least 120 cafes and restaurants, it is also a great place to visit with the kids, Dubai aquarium and Zoo underwater, it is located next to water fountain and khalifa.

You can See Dubai from above when doing a helicopter flight – Dubai is the perfect place to try out the amazing experience.

Jet-Ski IN Dubai:
If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then head to jet-skiing in Dubai – where everything is about higher, faster, further, fast jet-skiing seems to be the perfect activity in Dubai.

Gold And Spice Souks:

Visit this place and you will love it, it is a very busy place, women should at least not wear revealing clothes and dress modestly. you can get traditional wears at cheaper rate.

Hop-On- And Hop-Off:

This sightseeing buses is a great one to try, you can discover many places while on this bus. There are different types you can ride on like, City Sightseeing and Big Bus.

Dubai Fountain Show:

Why would anyone want to miss the chance of dubai fountain show at the world biggest mall, even if you have seen so many fountain, this one is exceptional.

SeaPlane Flight:

Experience a great view of Dubai’s skyscrapers, beaches and architectural wonders on a 20-minute seaplane flight.

Zabeel Park:

It is one of the largest park where you can relax in the green park, there are playgrounds for kids, it is located between Gold and Spice Souks and Burj Khalifa which isn’t too far from the Crown Prince of Dubai Palace.

Skydive over Palm Jumeirah:

There are to drop zones, the drop zones are Palm Drop Zone and Desert Drop Zone, the video and photos of your skydive are all include in the price, it is an awesome experience.

Speed Boat Tour:

Take a 90- minute tour and enjoy the fresh air and view Dubai from different angles, you can take as so many pictures  as you wish to, it is one of the exciting things to do in Dubai, you can enjoy it both in winter and summer.

Abra Ride:

The boats are usually small motorised water taxis call abras, it can carry about twenty people and offer the cheapest and fastest means of going to Bur Dubai and Deira. you can be able to see the Creek on this ride.

Dubai Museum:

It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, it’s the oldest existing building and very popular in Dubai, the museum is one of the exciting things to do in Dubai, the fort portion is a beautiful place to walk around the walls.

The Bottom Line:

We hope this article excites you on places and things to do in Dubai, we have listed the above awesome places you can pay a visit and there are still many more..  All you need to do is enjoy your stay to the very fullest.


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