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Dubai Hotel

The united Arab Emirates (UAE) Emirates and city of Dubai is very known and well booming tourist destination. The city faces west to the Persian Golf and also surrounded by golden desert sands, golf lovers will also feel like as if Dubai is like kind of heaven, as the city displays a soft of golf obsession. There most of Dubai hotels stretching from the international airport to the waterfront. Some hotel special offers are few in Dubai, which will be discussed and be listed and with  the prise

High Enjoyable Nature Settings

Dubai is in the middle of a vast desert, with miles of beach

  • Visitors are never far from the attractions in the city
  • Almost every world cuisine can be found in Dubai
  • Shopers are able to buy gold jewelry
  • Here in Dubai is where you can find the latest electronic gadget and designer clothes at the city’s retail outlets.

There is this hotel set on the seafront of Dubai and is part of the jumeirah group of luxury hotels.
This hotel was opened in 1999,it is built on an artificial island and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge, it is a visually striking building with its 321m high tower in the shape of sail.

With the level of luxury and service that it’s been provided there has led it to claim being the world’s only 7-star hotel. its over 25 double story floors, which all the rooms have a sea-view. Amenities include a

  • Chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce,
  • Laptops with wireless internet access,
  • Limousine, helicpter airport transport, full service spa and many more…

Due to the location, the ideal was made for water sports, it’s one of the most expensive hotels in the world, which you pay about $1122.25 per night, located at Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, 74147, United Arab Emirates.

Hotels Prices With There special Offers

Hotel: Emirates Grand Hotel
Offers: Modern High-Rise Lodging Offering Refined Rooms & Suites, Rooftop Pool and 2 Restaurants
Price: $58.08


Emirates Grand Hotel

Hotel: Arabian Countryard Hotel & spa
Offers: Free Breakfast
Price: $29.90


Arabian Countryard Hotel & spa


Hotel: Premier Inn Dubai International Airport
Offers: Modern Airport Hotel With A Rooftop Pool
Price: $39.14


Hotel: Grosvenor House, Luxury Collection Hotel
Offers: Free Wi-Fi
Price: $172.53


 Grosvenor House, Luxury Collection Hotel


Hotel: Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai
Offers: Simple Rooms, Free Wi-Fi, 2 Restaurant And A Rooptop Pool
Price: $29.25

Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai



How To Get A Dubai Hotel Deals

If you want a deal with hotels in Dubai, you will at, tht how me booking engine will show you the best hotel deals in Dubai so you always save, and find how much you think you can save, then the date you are traveling then you check the hotel deal online.

The hotel price discount and offers is from 10-50% off, and with this you can save more. But the hotel rates and the savings is also depending on your booking dates, but you can enjoy it more if you try a few dates to your travel to Dubai and compare the savings. is also where you can find the bext promotion, they will still help you find top rated hotel in Dubai with some featuring deals and also with hotel special offers.


Things You Need To Know About The Hotel Listed

These hotel listed are very clean, Extremely clean, Extremely comfortable, Excellent location, Excellent services, value for money, Also their staff are fantastic and friendly. With the hotel special offer, you can save more and feel relax and when ever you arrive Dubai you will want to come to one of these hotel listed to lodge-in.


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