Check iTunes Gift Card Balance Online Without Redeeming

iTunes gift card

We will discuss more about how possible it is to check iTunes gift card balance online without redeeming it. You may be given a Gift Card or an iTunes card promo code, but maybe you are not sure if it’s still working or it’s no more working. Here’s another way to figure it out.

iTunes balancing checking without redeeming

iTunes card can be use to purchase App’s that required payment’s and software also that required payment’s and many more through the Apple store.

How To Check Balance On iTunes card

This method will help you also check iTunes gift card balance, that’s  If you are liveing in a city where an Apple store can been found around, my advice for you is you could just take your gift card to the store. And then you ask a member of the service team to look up your gift card balance, so you can be sure.

But when you want to check online then If you live in the United States, you can check your balance online. By going to the Apple website and sign in to your account. Then you Click on “check the balance of a gift card.” Then when you are done entering the pin on the back of the gift card. That’s where you will see account balance.

But when you live in Canada, you are force to use your phone to check the balance. There is no way for one to check your balance online.

There is these ways you will try to redeem the code without logging in first, but if the card has already been used, i mean the code, you’ll get an alert telling you so. But if it can still be redeemed, iTunes will ask for your password, which is where you can now press cancel to leave it that way.

Possibility Of  iTunes Gift Card Balancing Without Redeeming It

But if i may advice, it’s better to try and redeem it, but it spoils any opportunity of allowing another person to utilize it. Instead, try logging out of iTunes, and if you have a “save password” option, log back in to uncheck the option before you log out again.

But iTunes gift card balance can also be known, by looking by the side of the card, where you will see the price attached on it. But that is when it is not online, only when you go to the Apple stores to buy. , that’s where such can be possible.

There is these code you dial, which is: 1-888-320-3301. And once you get into the automated phone system, then just say, “check my Apple store gift card balance.” The system will take you to the gift card department. Select your preferred language and then pick one (1) for your gift card balance. You will be ask by the system to enter the pin on the back of your card, followed by the pound sign. Then that’s how you will here your balance.


With the brife of esxplanation made one can understand few ways, on how you can  check iTunes gift card balance online without redeeming it, and how possible it is, also how to know what itunes gift card can purchase at the apple store. If you have any comment to make, or any brief word to cheap-in, then you can make use of the comment box, we are here for you at all time.



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