All Nation Church in the UK evicts Nigeria family of 5 from its property

All Nation Church

A Nigerian asylum seekers have been evicted with his family, which includes three children, aged eight, nine and eleven years, from All Nation Church after living in one of the churches properties since the year 2016. Everyone was wondering, how can church in the UK evicts nigeria family of 5 from its property, which we will discuss bellow.

About The Family Of 5 That Was Evicted

The church decision towards the family of five (5) that was evicted 

All Nation Church in Middlesbrough, Hemlington won a legal right to evict the family of five from a four bedroom house after the have spent two years living there for free.

The church only heard of the family’s asylum status two years ago after receiving a letter from Middlesbrough Council, home Office rules prevent the family from paying rent to the church due to their status as asylum seekers.

The church’s decision have been criticized by some members of the church. One of All Nations Church member told Teesside Live that the decision had “saddened and sickened” her and also said the church was “turning its back” on the family.

The church’s pastor Ian Rowland insisted the church had done all it could do to support the family.

The couples relocated to the UK with their children on a student visa, and achieved university degrees and worked in professional jobs.

A member of the family said while they packed their bags: “I ask what wrong did we do? We know that God will deliver.

Image of nigeria family of five evicted


These article have help us know about church in the UK evicts nigeria family of 5 from its property, and will keep you updated about the family of five that was evicted in All Nation Church in UK. The church was started by Albert Cole, a medical doctor from Ghana.

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